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SaaS – Software as a Service:

It is a model where the acquisition and/or use of a software is not related to the purchase of licenses, that is, you use some software and pay for its use.
It is a flexible model that allows you to control what you need, paying only for what you use in a specific period or situation. In short, you pay for the service and not the product.

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service:

In this model, you hire your infrastructure as a service, with a very interesting advantage over the traditional model, which is hiring virtual servers (and other infrastructure devices) instead of buying servers, routers, racks and other hardware “boxes”. Here you are billed for certain factors, such as the number of virtual servers, amount of data transferred, stored data and other items.

PaaS - Platform as a Service:

Here we have a model that lies between SaaS and IaaS, providing a more robust and flexible platform for the use of many technology resources, where it is possible to use software in a more flexible way, being possible to develop your own applications based on some technology (framework, language etc.) and use the necessary infrastructure, and most importantly, suitable for the developed application.

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